Reducing Pig Odors

When people think of pigs one of the first things that come to mind is their very pungent smell. Luckily there are ways of reducing this toxic odor. When in their pens pigs tend to designate one place to use as their “latrine” and they rarely stray from it. This is a helpful habit they have formed because it makes our job of odor control slightly simpler.

One way of maintaining the smell is to clean out this designated spot. We as humans clean our bathrooms quite often, why not clean your pigs as well. Just like cleaning out a cat’s litter box, simply scoop out the waste with a shovel. Their waste can later be used as a very effective fertilizer in your vegetable or flower garden. Never burn the waste! If you don’t want to reuse it later, bury it so it can break down aerobically.

Also, putting straw in your pig’s bathroom will help the smell. The straw will absorb the urine and the smell quickly. Just don’t forget to remove the soiled straw and replace it with clean straw often. If you don’t replace the straw it will become a nesting ground for bacteria and it will no longer maintain its purpose for odor control.

Using natural chemicals such as lime can also help the odors. Be careful when picking out which odor-eliminating chemical you want to use. Make sure this chemical will not harm your pet or your family with its use.

Scientists are doing research everyday to find ways of eliminating these odors. There is even a twenty-seven watt florescent light bulb that is said to reduce these odors. So keep looking and eliminate the smell.