Pigs Just Want to Have Fun

Pigs are very social creatures and they like to play just like any kid would. Pigs tend to get bored just like we do, and just like humans when a pig gets bored they can get both mischievous and sometimes depressed. Give your pigs toys! A pig will chase around an old soccer ball or basketball for hours at a time. Giving them a rope to pick up and sling around will also keep their minds occupied for some time. Buying the pig squeaky toys can also keep them entertained. They will be mesmerized at how when they step on it or bite it, it squeaks.

When buying toys for your pig you have to consider the same rules as you do when buying toys for a small child. Nothing too small that can be inhaled or swallowed is a must. Also when buying toys make sure they are mad with materials that wouldn’t harm your precious pet. No fiber filled stuffed animals because the stuffing can clog the airways and digestive track.

Play with your pig. Pigs love to play “tag” just run around and let them chase you. If they get ahead of you playfully chase them. If you notice your pig has made up his or her own game. Play with them and try to learn the rules. They will enjoy your enthusiasm. If you are brave enough and adventurous enough try rooting around in the dirt with them! Your pig will get a kick out of you acting like them for once. Anything your pig wants to do to entertain itself let them do it. As long as they aren’t endangering themselves or being destructive let them have fun. Remember keep them entertained and keep them sane and mentally healthy.