Pig House

A house is an important feature for a pig, whether it is a pot bellied pig that is a pet, or, if it a market hog. Pigs (taxonomic name of Sus Scrofa) are very sensitive to sunlight. So, a house must be present to protect them.

Naturally, it often happens that this is evident in wild, or feral, hogs. Wild boars, or wild hogs, are mostly nocturnal. This is true whether they are feral hogs; hogs that became wild after several generations of freedom from domestication or association with man; or, whether they are true wild hogs, such as the “Russian Boar,” or the “Piney Wood Rooter.”

At any rate, hogs do need a fair amount of protection from the elements. The pig house should have adequate ventilation and coverage from the sun but allow plenty of light. Drainage is an important issue also. For health reasons, urine and fecal material needs to be able to be washed away with either a water hose or an automatic dump trough.

Materials for building a pig house vary greatly. They can be wood, plywood or veneer, fencing, metal, plastic, or a variety of other materials.