Pig Feeder

A good quality feeder is an essential item for pig farmers and pet pig owners. A good feeder can help farmers and pet owners conserve feed, maintain feed freshness, and care for their hogs properly.

A single pig feeder should have an extra-large feed opening. I like the feeder opening for show hogs that my students raise to measure at least 15″ wide and 15″ tall. This will allow enough space for hogs to eat comfortably and still swallow with their mouth still in the feeder. This will eliminate wasting of feed by keeping the feed dropped from the hog to fall right back into the feeder.

I personally like a feeder that dispenses feed when the hog pushes on a part of the feeder with their nose. The feeder should then drop about a good mouthful of feed for the pig. So, when the hog is not pushing, the feed is sealed away from the elements and bug infestations.

Also, it is a natural instinct of hogs to push and explore with their nose while eating. This is called “rooting” in agricultural circles. A hog that is following their instincts in eating will be likely to feed well. A happy hog is a well fed hog.

Also, feeders should be able to withstand the harsh conditions that they experience. As stated elsewhere in this blog, hogs are extremely strong animals with great leverage. They can really tear equipment up. So, feeders need to be well made so that they can hold up to the weather and the constant pushing by strong hogs.

Lastly, the feeder should be made from non-corrosive materials. This is for several reasons. First, we do not want the feed to be contaminated by unhealthy parts of the feeder. Next, it must be able to withstand the weather and not be harmful to the hog.