Houses For Potbellied Pigs

Pot bellied pigs are a smaller breed of pigs that are domesticated to live as pets. It is important that you create a specific living space for each of these pigs and that they have their own personal accommodations. These are fun pets to have and easy to care for. Before you can bring them home make sure that you have created a house for them.

Indoor Pig Housing

If you really love animals than you won’t mind the pig living in your home. For indoor pig housing you need to designate a personal space for them. When you bring them home you will relegate them to a specific room so they can become used to the new space. Choose a laundry room, large bathroom, bedroom, or sun porch to put their bed. Keep this space even when they have access to the rest of the house.

Use old blankets and pillows and place them in the corner of the room. You could even purchase a large dog bed for them to sleep on along with some old blankets.

Pigs have little to no hair on their bodies and can become cold easily. Make sure that there are no air drafts leading into the room. If there are use a towel under the door to stop it. This only needs to be done when they are sleeping.

Outdoor Pig Housing

Most people prefer to keep their pigs outside like they would if they owned a dog. You can purchase large dog houses or sheds. Line them with straw and make sure that they are completely weatherproof. Place a tarp over the entrance of the house to keep it dry when it rains and cool when the sun is beating on it.

Install a fence around the perimeter of your yard. This will protect the pig from attacks from stray dogs. It will also keep them from exploring neighboring yards and the street. Remember that pot bellied pigs are intelligent and curious and can find a way out if there is one.

During the summer you need to set up a wading pool for them. Pigs do better during temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees. The wading pool will keep them cooled down. Using lots of dry straw will keep them warm during the winter.