Pig Housing

When planning to get a pig, housing is usually the first thing someone takes into consideration. There are a lot of variables to consider when planning the housing. Some people prefer to keep their pigs in doors, while others build outdoor pens. Pigs are very smart animals and also very strong. These factors must be taken into consideration.

Indoor housing is mainly used in the case of small breed pigs such as pot-bellied pigs. “Pig proofing” your home is much like toddler proofing. Nothing can be left on low-lying surfaces and the things on the floor are subject for use as a chew toy. Pigs are the 5th smartest animals in the world. This makes it easy to litter box train your pet.

These littler boxes of course have to be rather larger but also very shallow. Pigs have very short legs so 2-2 ½ inch sides are the maximum height a pig can step over into. The pig bedding can be one made of straw or a dog bed for that matter. Pigs just want a soft place to sleep.

When it comes to outdoor pens, there is just as much to consider. The walls of the pen must be very sturdy because as I said before pigs are very strong animals. If the pig noticed one area of weakness its makes a break and trying to catch a run away pig is never easy. Shade and air circulation are also very important.

Pigs don’t sweat like humans do and they sunburn very easily. Pigs play in mud to keep themselves cool. If possible try to find a way to build it a pool with sturdy enough sides that it won’t cave in if stepped on and a lip to keep out as much dirt as possible. Pigs need a constant supply of fresh drinking water as well. Your best bet would be installing an automatic waterer. Last but not least build your pen big enough so your pig has plenty of room to run.